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New SPP Headlight Bulb Pictures

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I was messing with the lights today over at my friends shop Supreme Power Parts (supremepowerparts.com) and we put some bulbs in the R6. Those that have a 99’ know that we only use one set of bulbs to control high and low beam unlike the newer R6’s.

The stock bulbs for the R6 (99-?) use an H4 bulb that is rated for 60W/55W. First number meaning high beam and second number meaning low beam. The SPP Super White bulbs are rated at 100W/90W (available in stock wattage as well).

We tried also the Yellow Ion Bulbs on one side and a Super White Bulbs on the other side for those that like the contrast. The SPP Yellow Ion bulbs come in 100W/90W (and also stock wattage)

I will also be putting in some HID’s soon. I’ll post those when I get them. :mrgreen:

If you guys are interested in the bulbs talk to Eric @ Supreme Power Parts and he'll hook it up! (www.supremepowerparts.com)

Here are the stock bulbs in both housings:

Comparison of SPP Super White vs. Stock Bulbs. The color of the SPP bulbs are whiter then the orangish tint that the stock bulbs have. They also come in a higher wattage!

Comparison of SPP Super White vs. a SPP Yellow Ion Bulb.

SPP Super White Bulbs in both housings.

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damn that does look good, but with all that wattage you'd need a relay or else your stock wires would fry rather quickly :roll:
A relay? What the hell is a relay gonna do?
Cral42 said:
A relay? What the hell is a relay gonna do?
Uh, a relay would allow you to get direct current from the battery instead of trying to get double the wattage from your stock wires that were meant for half the wattage you plan on running through it
So far no issues with the wiring burning out. But for those that are concerned they have the same Super White Bulbs in the stock wattage. I'll let you guys know if they burn out. I've seen Eric @ SPP sell hundreds of sets of these and not one has come back from wiring damage. Usually the problems if any are in shipping, and the bulbs break from careless delivery. In that case they send out out a new set of bulbs free of charge! :mrgreen:
I knew a couple of people who bought some over rated bulbs for their stock housings... over time the stock wiring burned out and corroded the wires and even melted some of the headlight assembly... not a great deal but noticeable from the backside... something I would recommend doing
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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