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What do you think of this new tire by Pirelli?

Handling: the thrill of the curves
The innovative Front profile is designed to optimize the contact patch width and thus give the best balance between fast and linear behaviour in corners, plus an outstanding ease of handling.
The Pirelli Patented 0 degrees steel belt below the tread keeps your tyres always in the most suitable shape at all times and yet provides enough elasticity for a very progressive feedback and behaviour in lean.

Wet behavior: find always your emotion
In the development of DIABLO ROSSO strong attention has been payed to the behaviour on wet road surface, always more important because of the increased performance of latest generation of machinery and of the growing performance of riders. The Front tread is designed to open the water layer; the calibrated grooves between rear crown and the edges disperse effectively the residual water, while the structure (based on Pirelli patented zero degree steel belt both on front and rear) maintains open the grooves even in extreme conditions.
With the support of the innovative compounds with balanced silica content, DIABLO ROSSO assures performance that satisfy the expectation of the most demanding riders.

Versatility: doesn't matter the bike you have, your Diablo emotion is guaranteed
The light structure, design to reduce unsprung mass and the inertia, is developed for the latest generation bikes.
Diablo Rosso has been tested and tuned on a huge bike park to enhance on all of them the performance of their chassis.

Stability: straight to your destination, without hesitation
The radial carcass with the Pirelli patented 0 degrees steel belt optimizes the shape of contact patch for the huge stability in all the conditions, from lean to braking. This structure is able to absorb the irregularities of the road surface, further improving the contact feeling The exclusive technology provides also driving easiness, progressive and secure contact feeling in lean.

Grip: nude shoulder, the new frontier of the feeling
The nude shoulder of Diablo Rosso rear tyre is the visual effect of an exclusive and sophisticated tread design. The clean area on the rear shoulder and the calibrated cuts in the middle maximize the contact patch.
Thanks to the effective structure design, the contact patch is furthermore optimized at every lean angle in terms of area, shape and load distribution.
The result is an unbeatable grip and stability level at every lean angle, absolute confidence and secure feeling from dry to very wet road surface.

The new compound, with balanced mix of rigidity and hysteresis, both at low or high temperatures guarantee on every ground condition the fastest warm-up (well known from Pirelli riders!), immediate and linear grip response when entering curves. The innovative chemicals, characterized by high mechanical resistance with optimal balance of silica vs. carbon-black offer strong and stable performance, high mileage and unbeatable grip on wet ground.

No compound at all would allow itself this level of performance: the key of grip is the entire tyre design.

Here's a link to a complete review by motorcycle daily.
MD Product Evaluation: Pirelli Diablo Rosso

Here's where this new tire should be in Pirelli's line-up

Right now I'm riding Michelin Pilot Power 2CT. I think I will try those ROSSO for my next set.
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