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New to Cycle's and 6's

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Hey there everyone, I wanted to post an introduction msg... I finally got my bike, and I am loving it. I am looking for anyone in the Southern New Mexico area that rides, some contact info is below:

[email protected]

BB Messenger Pin: 30839AB3

Otherwise, hello!!! I do feel the need to show off my bike a little :yes


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Nice! Enjoy the hell out of it and ride safe!

On a related note, have you taken a MSF course? If not, I would highly recommend it. Even if you have ridden dirt bikes your whole life, they remind you of the little things that help you out on the streets.
I did take the course, and thought it was well worth the $180 it cost me (although the military refunding me the money made it easier to take :sing). Thinking eventually I will sign up for the experienced course, once I get a bit more experience!

Question for you: How do you create the signature boxes?
welcome to the forum

under UserCP u could create signatures
Hello and welcome :wave
Hello and welcome, look into the sport bike course as well. The military should be offering that course to you as well.
Good to see some frame sliders on there. Never know when you're gonna need 'em. Welcome to the forum.
Good to see some frame sliders on there. Never know when you're gonna need 'em. Welcome to the forum.
You think so, I don't like them. Especially because on the right side the fairing is cut to accommodate their fitting... I was looking into new left and right mid fairings so that I could replace the cut one, as well as the other has some scratches (minor imperfections) but that cut out really bothers me.
Yea i agree, no cuts ftw!
Hey stg, where did you get your projector mod? I was looking into it, I liked what kryptonbulbs was doing but still looking.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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