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:hammer Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum and wanted to stop in a say hi. Finally, after searching, I found a forum for R6 owners. I have been out of the street scene for about 12 years now and I finally got permission from the wife for a new bike. I've been racing off road races (quads YFZ450) for a while and it's time to give that up...tooooo many knee injuries. So the big news with me, 2004 Red R6! The last bike I had was a 1986 Ninja, man what a difference this bike is. I'm so impressed with the overall performance, handling and bottom line technology of the design. I tried the 929, GSX-R 600/750 and the ZX series, but the R6 sure did fit me better. I am not a guy that likes to wheelie or drag race, but I love dicing it up with some good riders now and then, which is why I don't plan on doing any motor mods to the bike, just an exhaust, new chain and possibly a sprocket. As of now (until tomorrow) the only gear I have is a good set of Joe Rocket gloves, Shoei helmet. I will be buying a nice jacket tomorrow, tank bag, fender removal w/new blinkers and some new riding shoes/boots. I am very avid in the off-road scene and their exhaust systems, but the question I have is, which exhaust works better for street bikes...more importantly, the R6? I know everyone has a favorite and I would appreciate all info. Any other information on this bad azz bike would be great! Well, that's it for now. I will most likely be posting a lot in here and hope to meet some very cool people (is there any other kind of street rider?). Ride safe and as always, KEEP THE RUBBER SIDE DOWN!
Las Vegas :cheers
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