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new to the r6 world

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hey guys...i just picked up an 05 r6 and i have a question. i have heard from different people on different bikes never to actually use the kill switch, but the key for on and off purposes. the guy i bought the bike from always used the kill switch. however my brother rides a daytona 675 and he only uses the key, along with a buddy on a ninja zx6r, but i dont know anyone with the r6 so thought i would ask you guys...let me know...thanks and proud to be with the r6.:YEA
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welcome! not that i've been here that long...

but i use the kill switch every time
welcome! I never use mine, key on and off.
Welcome man. I'm not an expert or anything, but the only different I see with the kill switch and the key is that the kill switch leave only kill your motor. All your equipment still stay on such as light. So I think it's best if you use your key, so that you don't have that extra step to take and have to turn off your light after key hit the kill switch. Plus I always never remember that my bike is on kill switch so the next time I start I'll be like what the.......
As far as does it hurt the bike? I don't think so.... maybe someone can correct me on this.
i always turn motor off with kill switch ~20ft before parking and just cruise till parking. dont think kill switch hurts anything.
I always use kill switch...dont think it hurts anything either way u do it but they put the kill switch on the bike so ill use it
I first heard this when i bought my Daytona 600, but not when i purchased the R6.Not sure on the D600, but dont think itll hurt the Yami.Even the R6 manual says if your throttle gets stuck to kill the engine with the switch!I may be wrong , but i think i read in the Triumph manual to stop the engine with the key.So maybe it just depends on the manufacturer!
hey thanks guys....the way i was looking at it is when you start your car...you dont have a switch for your electronics, and your engine seperate...same thing with a boat...it makes since...but then you look at motorcycles and atvs and they have a kill switch...i was just wondering.
yeah, the bikes have the kill switch for emergencies, but it wont hurt using it all the time.
anyone ever used the killswitch while you're moving? what happens to the bike?

i ran out of gas one time at about 45 mph leaned into a 25 mph turn...nothing really happened except i rolled to a stop. same deal?
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