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blue is always faster...
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Hey guys... cool site here, though a bit slower than R6messagenet. thought i would say hi and say... i love my 6!
picked up my blue '04 R6 almost 3 weeks ago and love it! it has almost 1500 miles on it already and 150 mph feels like youre doing 50.
not new to the riding scene though... also have a 2002 Suzuki DRZ400S.
not much done so far to the 6.... just a few mods....

Yamaha rear seat cowl
Yamaha tank bra
VFX Pivot Kit
PIAA H7 bulbs
Rocket bracket exhaust bracket

got a Zero Gravity windshield on order right now
a GYT-R exhaust in the near future
and the VFX tail light integrator kit soon too.

cool site...
-James :mrgreen:

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welcome to the site man!! That is an impressive break in! 3 weeks and already 1500 miles!! Must be nice living in warmer weather.
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