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Newbie from KY

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HEy what's up ppl. i am probably the biggest newbie on in this forum. i just recently sold my atv to get a street bike.(got tired of bein on 4 wheels) i am looking to get an r-6 sometime in the near future and had some questions. i only have 1500 right now (no i'm not gonna get anytihng for that) i was thinking about trying to find a wrecked one and get parts for it cause i work at a yamaha dealer in lexington. i'm just wondering if that is a waste of time and if i should just find a bike in good condition. another thing that concerns me is that everyone i know that rides has told me i WILL go down. that's why i was wanting to get one that needs work so if i down it i won't be that upset. does anyone have any idea where i can look and around what price i can find one for?
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that atv would be coming in handy soon lol you say you work at a yama dealership.... do they not sell used bikes? i personally wouldn't get a salvaged bike and buy parts b/c i'm impatient and not so handy with the tools. it MAY be cheaper to go that route... but it may be better to use the 1500 as a down payment on a used bike already pieced together...i used 1700 as a down for my 04 .... as far as those guys who say "you will go down"... disregard them... if you take your time... ride safe... ride within your limits... and just learn your bike you won't fall... even if you do go down- don't let it take your pride with it.... hopefully it works out and welcome to the forum bro! :cheers
Welcome! :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :drink :drink :drink
thanks for the warm welcome guys. the only thing about trading the bike in is i don't really have enough moeny to make a payment in a month (i'm gonna be graduating in 6 months and have loans to pay back) plus the is no way in hell i can afford full coverage insurance. if someone is in the same situation as me and has a bike let me know how you did it! i was looking in cycle trader and i was looking at older yzf600r aren't that expensive and i was just wondering how those bikes compare to the r6 (obviously the r6 is better) i only have like 1800 right now and those bike go for around 2400. should i just hold out for an r6 or is the yzf a good starter bike?
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