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nitros set-up

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i want to hook up a couple cans of NOS on my 04 R6. what modifications would i need to make to the bike besides where to stash the cans. also how long would these last? LAO ny NOS kits recommendations WOULD BE PRIME. thnx pimps n bitches -DJ-
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go to www.tobefast.com, they have nos setups for the 04.
and hookin this up wont do any Dmg to the bike?
If it is properly tuned and not abused it won't do much extra damage. More HP = more wear on parts.

However, if your filling up the NOS bottles every few gas tanks your motor, clutch and tranny will let you know, probably with a bang.
thanx for da infoz, so having nos only be good if u race? wut other uses is it for?
I would be willing to get it solely for the purge valve! :cheers

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