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Hi all,

Today I install a set of Vortex rearset on my 08 R6. I install a hydrolic rear brake switch. Everything went fine and when I press down the brake pedal, the brake light came on. HOWEVER, I pull my front brake lever and the brake light does not come on.

I'm not sure if it actually has anything to do with my rearset installation or not.
Signal is fine, headlight is fine, instrument is fine, rear brake is fine. All fine except front brake.

I have SS brakeline from Core Moto and OEM brake lever. I haven't check fuse box yet but I believe nothing to do with it since my rear brake has full functionality.

I wonder if its front brake switch. Is there a way to test it? I wonder if its close system then can I simply attach wires between 2 prongs for the switch? Thanks
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