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Hey guys. Long time visitor first time poster. This is my first post so let me know if I made an issue or need to work on things. Thanks! Apologies for this being extremely long

So this might be long but I am going to try and go into detail with my issue.
My bike is a 2009 r6. It has 21k. Bike has been down now for roughly four months. I've owned the bike for about four years. I was commuting the bike to school for a while and then finished. It became a weekend type deal sometimes a couple weeks apart but never gave me issues until one day during a ride my dash shut off. I continued riding until i could reach exit ramp ( maybe 3-5 minutes) I get off the ramp and pull onto a side street and the bike dies completely. I keep a set of simple tools in my backpack so I remove the seat and this battery is swollen. HUGE and hot. My buddy lets me ride his bike to an autoparts store while he stays and I go buy a battery. I swap it out and BOOM. Bike starts instantly. So I think everything is ok and everything is for the rest of the day.

The next weekend ride about two weeks later. I as usual take my backpack with tools and this time a spare battery just incase. The whole day everything is fine until we are coming home. I again lose my dash and this time power stops instantly. I kept rolling until it was safe, pulled over and started to remove the seat. AGAIN the battery is hot. not as swollen as the first time but just as hot. ( This is the new battery that is two weeks old). I swap the battery with a battery from my other bike and she starts up. I get it home and now I start searching forums.

I replaced the rectifier (OEM) from partzilla. After this I try to start the bike. It wont start only cranks until it kills the battery. So I order a stator (OEM) along with main 50 fuse and a set of small 15 amp fuses just to switch them out. Same symptoms. It only cranks and wont start. I fidget with the wires at the battery and realize the ground wire is extremely hot to the touch. I follow the power and negative cables. I remove them. sand down the contacts to starter and ground on bike. Tighten them and nothing. but the ground wire still gets hot. I buy a new battery (OEM) and put it in. Same thing No start. just cranks?

I pull the battery out of my K75. its a Shorai Lithium iron. Part #: LFX21L6- BS12. The R6 starts right up. first push of the start button no hesitation. I touch the ground wire and it is not warm at all. Everything is fine and working. I let it idle for 10 minutes and its fine. I ride it around the block and its okay. (this battery is big and the seat will not fit) so this will not be a solution.

So now I get this idea of trying to jump the OEM battery with my CAT Powerstation. I connect the powerstation. turn the key on and press the button and the bike starts fine. I remove the power station and it stays alive but I am worried to take it out and it die on me.

Any ideas? I've checked almost everything but any suggestions and I will look into them. Thanks for reading this whole thing. ps yes I have gas in the bike. I checked :)
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