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Sup guys,

I just picked up a 99 r6 and i was wondering if the 03-04 fairing, headlight, tail, cowl gas tank will bolt right up to mine...

reason asking is because i dropped my bike off at a shop for tune up what ended up happening was they got the bike on fire... fuel line burst or whatever... anyhow so fairings are all melted, wiring harness damged, overflow resevoir and other stuff...

so they offered to repair eveyrthing and all and there's a local seller selling a complet 03 black/ red flames fairing kit all thas mentioned above

i'd figure that it might require some work.. but how much consideirngs that i will be replacing the fairing stay(headlight portion), rear subframe, and the swingarm

anyone know if the 03 tank will be a direct fitment for the 99-02?

thanks in advance
thanks for your help... i tried searching w/ little information
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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