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Clear title, 2004, 6000 miles, rides straight.

She NEEDS tires. The rear tire is essentially coated in glass for all the traction she has. She also has a weeping fork seal so that needs to be addressed, too. She could use, but is not essential, new spark plugs and and chain/sprockets.

The bike does not have the factory forward stay and headlight. A "streetfighter" light is installed and passes inspection. She has all the fairings separate. Seats are weather worn but serviceable. Has Leo Vince muffler that sounds FANTASTIC (I'll knock $150 off for a stock muffler instead).

I'm asking $1600. I might consider trades and partial trades (I particularly like .22's). I will do any of the required work for the buyer at cost of parts (I really suggest tires).

The homemade coolant catch can has been replaced for a nicer homemade coolant catch can that is the same color as the bike.


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