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Not running smoothly

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but cant seen to find the answer. Not sure how to explain, but it feels like the bruke is sporadicly choking for half a sec. Can feel it better with low rpm/trottle. Like for a instant isnt getting enough fuel. Hope this makes sence. It's only for a split sec but happens quite alot. 08 model. Any ideas? Blocked fuel filter or bad spark plugs maybe..? Very annoying.

Really appreciate any help! :)
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R or S model? Mileage?
Regular R6. Guess that makes it an S..? Will have to check the milage, but not much. Been sitting for close to a year (indoor storage) with some fuel in the tank. Don`t know if this is of any relevance though
Start simple and check if you have a plug not firing. Let it warm up and then take a spray bottle to each header tube and see if one is not hot.

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Its been sitting. New gas will go along way. Run it for awhile with some good gas and seafoam and see if it clears up
Thanks! Will try the spray check and change the gas. Guess it's better to siphon the old gas then to run it through. Bought new plugs, oil and filters as well.

Was wondering if anyone knew how to measure the oxygen sensor with a volt-/multimeter. If the sensor is in bad shape, cant that give wrong mixture and bad performance?
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