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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

You cannot submit a bike 2 months in a row or if you've won within the past year. Voting starts on the 20th or after 10 entries, whichever comes first and ends on the last day of the month. The bike must be your own, but it doesn't need to be just an r6.
Please take a look at past ROTM contest for ideas on how to enter your bike. Bike does not have to be an R6, you just have to be a member of the forum.

Model (R6, R6S):
Engine Performance Mods (i.e. exhaust, PC3, etc.):
Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.):
Pictures (please limit to 4):

Also, tell us why your bike should be named the Ride of the Month. Give us the whole story behind it! How did you get it? Where? Include anything that will set your bike apart from the rest...

Good luck to all, lets make this another good one.

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Year: 2006

Model: R6

Engine Performance Mods:
K&N air filter
BAUCE racing ECU flash
Stock headers with mjs muffler delete
MGP growler slip on exhaust

Chassis/Controls Mods:
Renthal clip-ons
Aftermarket foot pegs
Psr roll-a-click brake lever
Bridgestone s20 rubber
Fren turbo type 2 brake lines
Pit-bull steering stabilizer
Driven 520 conversion (stock gearing)
Rk gold chain
Graves no-cut frame sliders
Swing-arm spools/sliders

Appearance Mods:
Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen
Powder coated rims
Powder coated rear sets
Renthal kevlar grips
Carbon fibre tank panels
Integrated tail light
Custom painted fairings!

This is my labour of love. I really like it, and it has caused a very large tiff between my parents and myself as to how much $$$ i put into it (i am a college student who is fortunate enough to save money by living with his parents) It was involved in an accident with me. I ditched the scratched stock fairings and bought some off of auctmarts. And it has just progressed from there. And here we are today, loving ever km i get to share with her.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Automotive tire Rim

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Car Motorcycle fairing

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Thank you for entering bighitguy! Beautiful machine!

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2006 Yamaha R6

- Gloss Black Powdercoated Frame/Swingarm/Rearsets
- Safety Yellow Powdercoated Wheels
- Armour Bodies Race Fairings Converted to Street
- HotBodies Smoked Windscreen
- Paint: Bright White and Silver with Laser Blue Stripe Outlined with Yellow Pinstripe (my rendition of the 50th anniversary M1)
- Color Matched Peg Plugs and Rear Seat Cowl
- 5000k HID Headlight
- Woodcraft Spools
- Woodcraft Frame Sliders
- Integrated Taillight
- Carbon Fiber Side Tank Panels

- Leo Vince SS Full Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Can
- Driven 520 15T/45T Conversion (Breast Cancer Awareness Rear Sprocket)
- Bauce Racing ECU Flash
- French Tubo Type 2 Brake Lines
- BMC Air Filter

- Bought this bike in August of 2012 with 11k miles. At 20 years old and my first supersport bike, I was your typical squid. Wrecked it in April of 2013. Spent most of that year rebuilding it from the ground up. All work was done by myself. Paint with the help of a family friend. Now I'm finally just enjoying riding it. A lot of time and work has went into this bike. I'm stupidly attached to it, and never plan on getting rid of it.

Build thread: http://www.r6-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=284874

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Thank you for entering Drizzy! Love the set up!

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6 more days for submissions!

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4 more days for submissions!

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Few pics of my baby. Hope you enjoy.


Full Track Body
Full Bike Safety Wire
Race Windscreen
Vortex Gas Cap

Motor and Electronics:
Full Graves System
BMC Filter
Graves Block Off Plates
New Injectors
Modified Wiring Harness
Shorai Race Battery
Custom ECU Race Flash For 100 Octane, increased redline, ignition advance, quickshifter, etc
Modified Race Ignition

Vortex Rearsets
Home 3D Printed Spools
Kickstand Delete Plate
Driven Rear Sprocket
Driven Front Sprocket
DID 520 Chain
Ohlins TTX Rear
Ferodo Z-Trac Pads
Speigler Lines
Speigler Speed Bleeder Valves
CRG Brake Lever
CRG Clutch Lever and CRG Perch
Driven Clip-ons
GPR v4 Stabilizer
Renthal Grips
Driven Sprocket Nuts
Modified SubFrame
Motion Pro Quick Throttle

Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid
Motul 300v Oil
90 Degree Valve Stems
Dunlop N-Tec Slicks 200 rear 120 front

This bike started off on the East Coast with me. I moved to SoCal 2 years ago and aggressively got into racing. I now own a small performance shop in Downtown LA, control ride for Motoyard Track events, work with California Superbike School, and race. This bike has been crashed and rashed several times at multiple tracks. She started off as a motor and frame and built her from there. No title bike, so when i say 08+ I really mean little bit of 08 here some 09 stuff here and just a tad of 13 parts lol. BIKE HAS BEEN CHANGED A BIT SINCE THESE PHOTOS.


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Thank you for entering telly9987! Great looking track toy! Last day for submissions!

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