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First of all, I have to say thanks to WMRRA staff and all the volunteers for making this weekend one of the best I've had to date! I had so much fun, I loved the atmosphere at Pacific Raceways. Jeff Wieand did an awesome job commentating. Anyone who didn't show up to watch these races truly missed out. Lap records were broken, and there was great racing action in all classes!

Since I hadn't any real experience at Pacific, my only goal I had this weekend was to have fun. I knew there were a few novices who had some track time there from years ago, so I didn't want to set my hopes to high, just have fun. First practice session I managed to only get down to a 1:40...pretty slow considering experts are low 1:3x to high 1:2x on a 600. Second practice session I asked for some help from Rob Workman, an expert who has a lot laps around Pacific, and knows the track very well. What a difference that made. Immediately, I took off 4 seconds from first session and that was without ever getting a clean lap in without traffic in the way.

RACE 1: Had a good start, and going through turn 1 was a little scary with a lot of us packed in, fortunately, I was positioned to take the inside of turn 2, I got the lead for second, but ran really wide, and Cameron Doyle took me on the inside. I tried to get around him for the rest of the lap, but was unable to find a clean pass in the back half of the track. Coming out of the bus stop, I carried a lot more speed, jumped off the curbing and passed him for a short second until his liter bike power kicked in and he passed me back before the kink in the straightway. He pulled a little bit, but not a lot, and I was able to catch him in T1, taking the inside, and making it stick. After that, I'm leading the race. I put my head down for the next 4 laps, and just focused on not crashing or getting hung up behind traffic. Being the first to see checkered is an awesome feeling!

Race 2: Very similar to the first race, except this time we were going to do 8 laps! Dana Deeter set out to grab the holeshot and lead the race for a bit. I was able to take him on the inside of Turn 4 and after that I just set out to put in some fast laps before I got hung up in traffic, I knew that with 8 laps, we would get hung up in a lot of traffic. Turns out, the NV1 grid, which starts a few seconds after us was delayed, so I was lapping them within just three laps, and had some close calls, but fortunately, made it out okay, and still won the race!

All in all, a great weekend, even when we weren't racing, we were having fun tearing down airfence last night after the races were over and had a lot of fun.
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