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This is little dated, but I just came across it looking for an Avatar.

Naked motorcyclist crashes after bee sting

A naked motorcyclist wearing just a scarf, sunglasses and a pair of sandals crashed his bike after he was stung on the inner thigh by a bee.

The 36-year-old, who had been driving to the swimming area at a German nudist colony, lost control of the bike as he swatted the insect away.

He fell on to the road, but escaped with just a shoulder injury and minor cuts and bruises.

Police said they are considering pressing charges after the incident at Giessen in Hessen - as the man was not wearing a crash helmet.

Story filed: 10:20 Monday 2nd June 2003

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Before I move away from Chicago, I want to ride down I-90 Eastbound wearing nothing but my helmet.


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Well I sure hope you aren't moving before next spring, otherwise that's going to be one COLD :mrgreen: ride.
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