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*MODS, can I get this stickied?*

Ok guys, I dont know how many of you want to do this or not but I created a private R6-forum motorcycle fantasy racing league. Its 100% free and I'd like to invite anyone who wants to play. We've already missed race 1 of WSBK but we'll all start out even if you join before the next race.

Here's the log in details:

*go to www.fantasyriders.com
*Click "join personal league" and enter 80117
*the password is: kickinmirrors

If any of you have problems getting in let me know and I'll do my best to help you. I played this last year with the r6network guys but they're not doing anything this year. It was fun, yes it had its drawbacks and issues, but come on, what doesn't? This is meant to be fun and spark a little friendly banter come this season.

I'm primarily in it for the MotoGP races as I dont know much about WSBK or BSB. So yea, DO EEEET!!!!:YEA
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