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Decided it was time to do my plugs, oil, and air filter today. Did my oil change no problem decided to replace the air filter, no problem. Then decided to try and do the plugs. What a pain in the ass. So I decided to stop when I saw this

On the far right where the screw goes in through the throttle body is some oil... what the hell lol. So my light only came on for a quick second twice and i've added maybe a total of a half quart if even that in the past 2000 miles. I've noticed that along the path as if it were dripping down there is some oil residue so I'm guessing its leaking but also has to be burning.
It doesnt leave anything on the ground wherever I park. I noticed the inside of the air box it was a little sticky and there was a drip of oil along the lower portion of the box.
Anyone have any idea on what this could be?
I also bought the extended warranty for it and the bike is only 1 year old bought it brand new and put 10.5k miles on it so far.
I do all my oil changes myself, think I shouldn't mention that when I take it to them?
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