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Oil level showing on dipstick, whats the perfect reading ?

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I have an 08 and just wondering what most of you feel is the proper oil level the 08 should be at. Is it between the low and high mark on the dipstick or is it exactly at the full (or top mark) on the dipstick ? I want to make sure I don't over or under fill my motor with oil,,

Thanks !
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Anywhere in between the two is fine. It's almost just as bad to add too much as it is to add too little. The difference between the two marks isn't enough to make a difference. It's when you get outside of that range that you can have problems.
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I atually tried to leave it between the two and my oil light came on, than I filled it to 3/4 of the way to the top line and it still came on (oil light) it wasn't until I filled it to the top line that everything was good.. I just left it there.

Thanks !
How are you making the readings? With the bike leaning using its stand or you are keeping the bike straight with a wheel stand?
I am actually using both front and rear stands to keep the bike upright.. I have heard Yami's are real particular with oil and you have to be spot on or the oil light will come on.
Keep in mind that you must take the reading without screwing the stick in.
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on my old 00 model the manual actually stated that even with the correct amount of oil (1/2 way on the hashmarks when checked with bike vertical) the oil light would sometimes flicker under hard acceleration or braking. im sure the current gen oil level light sensitivity is the same ;)
I have an 02 and it is a little bit above half on the hashmarks, and mine seems to run just fine. No oil light coming on!
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are u checking the level after running the bike for at least 10 seconds, killing it, and waiting 30 sec-1 minute to check?
if u only fill it to the full line cold, it may not have enough when it cycles through the engine, altho its not a huge difference.

i find what the manual says w/ filter change is usually what u need to fill, or at least pretty close.
Bike is warmed up prior to the oil change being done and it's run after I change the oil to let it cycle through before I check the level, and I do NOT screw it in (the dipstick). I've had many bikes so I have a good Idea of how to do an oil change.. I just noticed that the R6 is much more picky when it comes to oil levels.
Mine has been more picky over the years. Mine will come on when the oil is at the bottom of the hash lines. Throw a half quart in and good to go. I have noticed that since switching to sythetic oil the bike goes through oil a little faster. Any one else with a similar story.
I always screwed the dipstick in on my 04 R6 to check the level, the oil light has never come on....guess I need to start checking the level without screwing it in ?
so anywhere in between the two marks is good?
what about mixing same brand oils one's just a 10w 40 and in my bike is 10w 30
on my 09 R6 i let it run until its 160* turn it off wait five minutes, have a friend hold the bike up straight and check it by sliding the dip stick in without screwing it in. it was right at the very top notch on the dipstick.

When i checked the bike cold and it leaning on the kickstand the oil mark was maybe a cm on the very bottom of the dip stick
I have tried different levels, different oils, no matter what after 30 minutes of riding my oil light comes on, it's really annoying!
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