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Oil preferences

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Yamalube versus conventional oil. Does anyone ever get sick of paying 25 dollars for a few quarts of oil just because it says yamalube on it. Is there that much of a difference from lets say mobil one 10w 30 which happens to be almost 3 dollars a quart less. I am interested in hearing what people think.:sing
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Amsoil, Repsol, Motul, Motorex etc....
dont pay for that Yamaha overpriced crap.

the oils i posted are close to 50 bucks a gallon (retail) tho....
well, if u are that concerned about another 20 bucks, whatever.
i dont mind spending extra for the good oil.

my Repsol rep hooks me up good tho.

i run Amsoil in my Chevy truck, its a $65 oil change, but i only change it every 10k miles in that.
i even have Amsoil in the trans, transfer case and both diffs.
if u are looking for cheaper oil, try Shell Rotella synthetic.
u can get that stuff almost anywhere.
just dont get the energy conserving kind, it contains a lot of molly.
just get some Yamabond, it works great.
the leaks u posted are very minor IMO, and easily fixed.

dont tell anyone but i use Yamabond on my CBR because its a bit better than the honda stuff.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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