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I just got done typing a whole smeal about this.........then it woudn't post for some reason.

Any how, long version short.

Change oil AND filter after 500 miles. Running it up to 8 to 9000 rpms in 4th.

Go to whatever oil you want, I chose Mobile1 15w50 (love it). Run it as hard as you want to, but sparingly, you'll have to change again at 1000 miles. Good point to consider your cheaper 10w40 yamalube etc.. espeacially since it's getting colder out.

Now, your break-in is done, ride it like you hate it :mrgreen:

Also about the noise, yamaha's valve train is noisy as fahq, so is the tranny, common. Very rare that a CCT is bad etc. that is causing the noise (common Honda problem)

Just remember, it's your high-performance sport bike, ride it like it is :twisted:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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