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Opinions on decals on bike

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What are your guys thoughts about adding decals to the bike? Like it or no?
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Personally, I don't like it--seems to take away from the lines of the bike IMO
It all depends. Trying to make a race replica, then yes. If your trying to show off what you have on the bike, then they become "steal me" stickers. Better off keeping it clean.
Less is more... but if u like 'em, knock your socks off... It makes mine look cleaner. :D
I have seen bikes that I love the decals on, but I have seen even more that they look like crap on. Just depends what they are and where you put them. If you stick tons of different color stickers at all different angles in always comes out looking like crap imo.
all in the look you are going for..

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Agreed... Yoda's stickers look nice.. Ive seen some look GROOSSSS.. i personally have none except for a cali grown stick on the swingarm and the factory Yamaha stickers on the bottom fairing.

I would kill for a race replica setup though. =)
A lot of people add the decals to their bikes and they turn out very nice.
Im thiking about adding a few here and there... I see them on bikes and they look pretty sweet. Whats a good website that offers decal kits?
just make sure you get the right stuff if you are searching eBay or googling for kits. Many, almost all, on eBay have the Yamaha Music logo, not the Yamaha Motors
Im probably not going to be searching on either of those.. They had a banner on here and I cant seem to find it anymore?
I really don't care for it, but some bikes do look good, just depends on how it is done.
ive got a few alpinestars stickers on mine, a shogun sticker and i went ahead and threw a sidi sticker on too..but i think im gonna take it off..

both sides of the hugger..and on the frame

what do you guys think??
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I love the alpine stars sticker! They look sweet.
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