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the place im buying my 06 r6 from. has been nothing but horrid and to finally top it off friday i went to get insurance and after all the bull the dealer gave me they didnt have the title so i cant get an insurance binder so i cant get the loan to pick the bike up. and the dealership said with all b.s. ive had to deal with their going to throw in a gift card but im curious what is an acceptable amount? as its their fault i don't have the bike when i should of had it on Thursday. and i kept up every end of my deal and anything i said to them i did which even the manager said im one of the few who if i say il buy it i did and when i say il come back in 15mins with a deposit i did etc. at first they where going to give me a helmet jacket and gloves but i said a giftcard will work also.
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