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Nice scenic ride through Orange County: Santiago Canyon, Cook's Corner.

Santiago Canyon is a long winding road where you can open her up -- I took her up to about 120, and I still had some room to spare. At Cook's Corner, you can make a left onto Cook's Canyon Road or stop there and have some good food at the Cook's Corner restaurant (a bike hangout). If you make the left into Cook's Canyon Road, you'll be riding into a lot of nice turns (a lot of them are blind). I wouldn't suggest you go to fast there, but it's up to you. One dangerous spot on Cook's is a tight U turn going up hill. It's alright going uphill, but when you come back down, it's tight. The trees form a canopy on Cook's, an there's some scenic spots overlooking the canyon and Irvine Lake on Santiago. Decent ride.

To get there, take the I-5 to Jamboree, and go east past the marketplace. Stay on Jamboree and then make a right onto Santiago Canyon Road.
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