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Oregon Riders - Group Ride

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Ok, there are a whole bunch of Oregon riders on this forum. I think it's time for us all to get a group ride going if we can. I really only have a couple of weeks left till I go on a military deployment for a bit and would like to see when would be a good time to get us all together to go for a ride. We need to set a place, date and time for this ride if possible. I would like to know who is up for a ride on the following dates:

1. July 19th or 20th
2. July 26 or 27th.

If possible we should all meet up at a central location so that people from all along the I-5 corridoor can meet up. Here is the places we should consider meeting:

1. Woodburn
2. Salem

This will allow the Portland riders to meet and ride down to those locations, and the Eugene and Corvallis riders to meet up and ride together to the meeting place as well. Please post if you are interested and I will plan a ride, location to meet, date, and time. Once we agree on a date, time and location, I will post the ride up on the PNWRider.com site as well to get more interest. I look forward to meeting you all.
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Yeah, I agree, we should get together and go for a ride. I am out of town for the 19&20 dates. But I should be around for the 26&27 if you guys want to do something then...
That sounds cool I'm available either one of the Sundays.
I'm already goin on one this 19/20. I might be able to make it to a bike meet next Friday - otherwise I gotta work all weekend.
Where are you going on the 19/20th?
Sorry on the no reply - missed that there was a reply here.

We just rode the Corvallis to Waldport, to Newport, camped there at south beach, and then came back the next day. A fun ride, when you're not babysitting people haha.

We should figure something out tho for sure!
503 xtreame is having a gathering this friday downtown salem at the starbucks on chemeketa and liberty should be a good amout of bikes there.
starts at 730pm if its raining then it will be next friday
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