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Hello all -

A few of us are trying to get a fund-raiser / carwash / raffle going for Keiths Recovery Fund. Last weekend was the date, but it rained, so we have changed to this weekend.

We have a couple jackets donated by Cycle Gear and a pair of gloves to raffle off. I know there are a few other items folks have collected to raffle as well, such as some Microsoft stuff, some Jeep accessories, and misc other coupons or discounts. We have a couple places that are matching donations too!!

Please come out and make a donation. put a few bucks in a raffle to win some riding gear. It is for a great cause, and I am looking forward to a fun afternoon, and the hospital is looking forward to all the bikes :)

Some of it is hard to read:
"We also need volunteers to help wash cars, bring washing supplies, and advertise and sell the raffle tickets throughout the day, or just come out to support us! Any help is highly appreciated!"

We will be there until there are no more cars...but I think the raffle is going to be heald at like 3:00, and you have to be present to win. I know that PoisonSpyder is donating some things too...

If anyone here would like to donate anything, or would want to contact anyone regarding donations or raffle items, PLEASE do, or have them hollar at me (PM me for my number or PM me with theirs)

Cycle Gear has donated some riding gear (2 jackets at about $300ea!)
4WP has matched donations up to $1K
I think Pepsi is doing the same thing
There are some restarant coupons
One girl got her Nail Salon to throw in a coupon, so Brian will hopefully win that!
PS has TJ stuff there I think (last I heard)
Microsoft is donating some stuff..

So, lets make this a cool event, Jeeps and Bikes! Be a fun afternoon

Once we are done at Moes, we will ride/drive to the hospital. I am guessing 4-5ish
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