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I want to take some time to bring up the recent bid by Spokane County on SRP.

As you know, last week, the County was the highest bidder for SRP and a few parcels around it.

As of now, Mark Richard is under scrutinizing fire by Spokane Commissioner Bonnie Mager (Do Not Send Her Negative Emails!), and her support by local media outlets of Spokane that feel the decision was misuse of public funds.

What we can do:

For starters, please send a thank you, and a show of support to Mark Richard. He can be contacted by email at [email protected], as well as email the local media outlets with “positive” well written emails. Please include your first and last name and why SRP is important to you, and why you think it (No, Why you KNOW IT) supports the local economy.

Here is the list:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Secondly, if you are a resident of Spokane County, the two board members who are in support of SRP are Mark Richard, and Todd Meilke. Take some time to find out how you can assist with their upcoming campaigns, as well as try and take the time to attend any of the upcoming public meetings concerning SRP to show support, and be our eyes, ears and voice for those of us who can not attend.

Third, take a moment to join the “Friends of Spokane Raceway Park” at [email protected]

Fourth, I feel we need to work as a collective towards this, to insure the future success of SRP, and support. I believe we need to, as a group of Motor Sports Enthusiasts, get to know the other clubs of our area that also utilize the track. I myself, made contact with Scott Adare of Adare Motorsports today. I would like to start working with him, to come up with a better way of getting word out across all organizations, as well as helping with the political side of this. As a resident in Western Washington now (I’m from the East Side), I feel I should do whatever I can on this end to help. Even if it is just posting this post over and over to every forum I belong to just to get it out. If I can get word out to just 1 more person who did not know of how severe the current situation is, than I did my job.

We will also need to gather support for Volunteer work in the future for SRP. I know of a ton of people who are willing to participate in a clean-up effort. This is great positive response from the communities, and is a positive view to the residents.

Please take a moment to speak with all you know that have used SRP and its resources in the past, and hope to continue to use them in the future.

Also, if anyone is aware of anyone who is apart of the Bicycle organizations that utilize the track, please have them get this out there.

Right now we are working as separate parts of a body, and although we are definitely able to be heard, I feel as a collective, we could be heard much louder.

Thank you for your time,

Michael “Mic” McLane
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