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Well I think its that time, I got my 6 last Feb and it came with some scratches and dings. Including a rashed and cracked upper shown below. I'm thinking of laying a little fiberglass on the inside of the plastic and then fill in the crack with a little bondo.

I have no problem doing paint work myself but I dont have a compressor or any of that fancy stuff. Im just a college student, so I am probably going to just pull all the fairings off and do all the prep work myself. (get all the decals off and sand everything down, use filler on the knicks, and law down a rattle can primer) Then just take everything to a pro and let them do the base and clear.

I want to stick with a two tone scheme (red and black). I would love to have something a little more elaborate but remember I am a student so price is a huge consideration for me. Heres what I came up with on Photochop vvvvv. Feel free to comment... I may regret saying that but oh well.:toocool:

And thanks to Owen_R6 for the original pic, his bike already had the graphics removed which made my photoshopping easier.

Heres the choppp

And this is the rashed fairing, any ideas on a better way to patch this bad boy up?
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