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Parking on grass

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Well I finally got my new R6s about a week and a half ago. I'm planning on driving it to work to save on gas, but I got a problem. I work at a Resort in Vermont and they're strict with parking and wont let employees park in the parking lot, they have to park out back on the grass. I was wondering what the best thing to do to make sure the bike is stable?
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i would cut a chunk of wood, maybe 3x3 or maybe a metal plate if you could. and put the kick stand down on that. try it first tho.
by the way have fun. my grandparents used to have a house in vermont. wed go there to dirt bike. they sold it, I wish they still had it the roads there are awesome!
Or you can steel one of those coffee cup plates and use that.
I was thinking of getting one of those slate flat stones to use.
Yeah the roads here are fun, I commute from across lake champlain bridge, so theres some good riding over here as well, to lake placid and lake george.
I have a square chunk of hardened plastic 5"X5" about 1" thick. My brother cut it for me works perfect and you can store it under the rear seat.
or find an old bench grinder and take the plastic shields of, small enough to put under the seat but yet enough support for the bike.
yea i dont know about slate tho, stuff cracks pretty easaly
They won't let u park in the parking lot? Id put a beer can under neath it...
If it's on grass, you might want to have something that will actually dig into the ground, put a couple teeth on the bottom or something. Depending on what time you start work, the dew could get you.
bring a ramp and park in the back of a pick-up. or drop a giant sheet of plywood off, then bring your bike back and make your own parking space
I have a circle peice of plastic, about 3" in diamater. Has a Yamaha symbol in the middle, dose the job. Local dealer gave it to my gf to give to me last time she went in
damn, good deal. i'll have to find a gf and send her in to talk to the parts guys, maybe i'll get a free exhaust lol
you can smash a coke can on its side to put under the kickstand. As long as the ground is not soft like after a rain it will work. We do it all the time at the drag strip when we are parked in the grass instead of the staging area and pits.
i'd just keep a small metal plate in the tail until u need it. that'd be the best thing to do IMO, works great on soft asphalt too so your kickstand doesn't sink in
you got any room in the lobby?
yea, park in the main lobby. it'll attract more business! seriously tho, i wouldnt keep it in there. too many people f*ing with it
sorry dang, that wasn't supposed to be offensive to you lol...i'd say do the lobby if u could but i wouldnt want everyone touching it all day when you're off working somewhere else
nah its alright....I agree ud definately increase business, but ud have punks tryin to sit on it all day
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