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passenger peg signals write up lots of pics and a vid

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allright i've been gonna install the passenger peg led's for a while now figured i'd go ahead and hook 'em up tonight so here goes

#1 gather materials
side snips
shrink wrap
soldering iron
where i got my leds and resistors
drill bit
clear silicone
hobby knife (optional i used it to bend the leads on the leds)
9 volt battery (for testing led's)
dremel (i was right on top of a casting plug)
marker and paper (not shown)

#2 make a template and mark the locations and drill your holes, measure very carefully mine were still off a hair!!!!!

#3 insert LED's with the small lead towards you this is the ANODE or NEGATIVE lead!! place a drop of superglue on each one allow to dry

#4 i had a casting plug by one of my holes and had to dremel it away so the led would sit flush

#5 Bend LED leads over so that each one over laps the other

#6 solder the leads remember heat until the solder flows smoothly

#7 attach your resistors i used one on the anode and cathode

#8 insulate with appropriate size shrink wrap

#9 seal with clear silicone

#10 finished you can see the slightest error is very noticable


heres a vid of how they look
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Thats a very cool mod man I like.

Great write up too thanks for the pics!
Hey Nitro... just wondering why you need resistors?
Led's are not set up to run on 12 volt power, You need resistors to kill the 12 volts down to 1.7-3.3 depending on the led's that you are using. T
once i followed all the steps, how do I connect the LEDs to my turn signals? I will have the same thing as you - taillight with integrated turn signals. pics would be very helpful
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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