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allright i've been gonna install the passenger peg led's for a while now figured i'd go ahead and hook 'em up tonight so here goes

#1 gather materials
side snips
shrink wrap
soldering iron
where i got my leds and resistors
drill bit
clear silicone
hobby knife (optional i used it to bend the leads on the leds)
9 volt battery (for testing led's)
dremel (i was right on top of a casting plug)
marker and paper (not shown)

#2 make a template and mark the locations and drill your holes, measure very carefully mine were still off a hair!!!!!

#3 insert LED's with the small lead towards you this is the ANODE or NEGATIVE lead!! place a drop of superglue on each one allow to dry

#4 i had a casting plug by one of my holes and had to dremel it away so the led would sit flush

#5 Bend LED leads over so that each one over laps the other

#6 solder the leads remember heat until the solder flows smoothly

#7 attach your resistors i used one on the anode and cathode

#8 insulate with appropriate size shrink wrap

#9 seal with clear silicone

#10 finished you can see the slightest error is very noticable


heres a vid of how they look
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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