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pazzo shifters???

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hey guys, im about to get shorty levers from here. But! i need your guys opinion on whether the red levers with black dials would match my black 06' raven or whether it would be too much. the other option would probably be the black levers with the red dials. What do you guys think? I was also looking at the rizoma grips that were black and red, but i think the red might be off. Any ideas or pics or advice would be appreciated!! I've attached a pic of my bike. thanks guys.


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I think you should get the colors you want for your bike. If that is red with black dials, then get it. I have Pazzo shorties and love them.
yea, im worried about it being too much on the red side, and also if the red would match or even be close to the red on the bike and lip.
I've seen them black with red dials and it looks pretty good. But I don't think red levers would be to much for your bike.
The levers will definatly be alot brighter than the dark red on the raven...Doesnt mean it will be too much red...

To me black lever with red adjusters would be the best looking color option for that bike...but thats just my 2cents, and its your bike and you should do what you like, levers are pricey so dont get a color ppl told u to get and regret it later down the road.
i have pazzos black with blue adjusters (to match my bike) & black skully driven grips and that set is the sh!t.

i think red levers and red grips are too much, i flited with doing that in the blue color scheme on my bike, but i am glad i didn't..... and now i love my set up.

i say go with the black levers with the red adjusters and black grips!!!! but its your bike do what you want.

check out drivens gel grips they are great and good price.........
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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