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Question: Does it matter if the ignition module on an 09 is for an 08? I have looked at the part numbers for the ignition module and they are different for 06-08, and 09.

Here is why I ask: I have an 09, and I bought a used ignition module and Quick Shifter. I can't for the life of me get the bike to recognize the Quick Shifter.

Here's someof the things I've recognized and tried:

1. I have enabled the QS with the software.
2. I have a pull QS for a pull system.
3. I have used the stock kill settings (4k rpms 65ms).
4. I have done what dynojet instructed me to do and put the kill rpms at 1k and the time to 255ms. Then pulled the clutch in and pulled on the sensor. This is supposed to do one of two things, stall the bike or at the very least change the rpms significantly. It did nothing.
5. The green light shows on the ignition module at idle, telling me that it's working with no issues.
6. I have upgraded firmware in both the IM and PCIII.
7. I have tried two different quick shifters.

I'm at a damn loss. I'm guessing that maybe my IM and QS is for an 08 and not recognizing on my 09? But that doesn't seem very reasonable as the firmware isn't different for those different years, so I don't see why this is an issue. But I've Ben messing with this thing for the last month and I'm starting to think something is broken, but what?

I've also been in contact with dynojet and I might just send the QS and IM to them to test them. It can't be this difficult as my race teammate has an 08 and when we hooked up his IM and QS it worked perfectly right out of the box.

Anyone have any ideas?
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