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performance problem

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i recently purchased an 02 r6 with 10,000 miles. it ha a header and two brothers exhaust system, a k and n air filter and the guy says he had the carbs jetted. i'm pretty sure it sat for a while cause it had bad gas in it. I drained the gas and changed the spark plugs and it ran alot better, but the bike seems to studder around 8 thousand and up. it feels like it's starving for gas. any suggestions?
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umm change the oil as well...and possibly another carb synch that shoudl help
Ride the bike at the problem rpm range before the temp guage reads 130 degrees. Then ride it again after it has fully warmed up (above 200 degrees and the fan has turned on multiple times to cool the bike off, the hotter the better). If it runs better when it warms up then the bike is running lean, which means you probably have a clogged jet and need to clean the carbs. If it runs worse then the bike is running rich, in which case I would guess it was jetted wrong or your choke is stuck in the open position (yes it can do that even if you move the lever to the "off" position.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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