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easier just to post this then typ eit all out.

(17:18:50) Phillip: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!
(17:18:55) Andreas: hey
(17:18:55) Phillip: **** **** **** FUCKFUCK ARRRRRRRRRRGH
(17:18:58) Andreas: What wrong dude?
(17:18:59) Andreas: vent !!!!!
(17:19:11) Andreas logged in.
(17:19:18) Phillip: i just fucking dropped my bike
(17:19:35) Phillip: and scratched the $1k i just paid for
(17:19:39) Phillip: so fucking pissed
(17:20:01) Andreas: ahhhhh man..... how'd that happen?
(17:20:34) Phillip: fuckin' stopped at a stop sign and when i went to put my foot down it wouldn't move
(17:20:37) Phillip: so i just fell over
(17:21:07) Andreas: ahh shit, so it was like stuck on the peg or what?
(17:21:16) Phillip: i don't know i had to pull my foot out
(17:21:35) Andreas: uphill stop?
(17:21:38) Phillip: dude...... why does this shit have to happen

nothing too bad but it still hurts. i'm going to go... feel sorry for my bike. :321
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