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pics of my 99% completed track monster!!!

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i have been building this for the past few months, i havent gooten to ride it yet this year due to a MX related injury, so ive been working on this in my down time.
my CBR600RR7, mods include:
Elka PB46CR shock
Racetech valved forks
Vortex rearsets
Goodridge SS lines
HRC 1/6th throttle
Pirelli DC3 tires
Yoyodyne race fairing stay
Zumz fairings
billet gas cap
Vesrah brake pads

there are more, but im drawing a bit of a blank.
the exhaust is off getting made right now, and it still needs a foam pad for the seat, and some more safety wiring.

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sweet bike.super clean
Now that turns me on . . .

That's not an R6!
Dude that bike is UNREAL ...prob the best looking bike i have ever seen!!!!!! unreal man good work...**** thats awesome bike man..

That's not an R6!
keen eye u have sir :lmao
It looks like a CBR....but its amazing either way..
lol, u guys crack me up.
ya its a 07 600RR.

i just realized i left the horn on there.... gotta go rip that thing off, lol.
thats a weapon.. i'm slightly jealous..!
a very nice and clean looking bike. good job!
hopefully i will be out at Summit Point main on Aug 4th.
thanks for all the compliments guys, even tho its not an R6.
Looks great!
get rid of those corsa III's, toss on some supercorsas or some power races

My teammate rides an 07 600rr, I have ridden it, it feels great with about as much power as my R6, except it has more midrange
i need to splurge on some warmers before i go to some better tires.
im probably gonna start running Dunlop slicks next year honestly.

ya its a bit down on top end power compared to the R6, but the midrange makes up for it.
i need to splurge on some warmers before i go to some better tires.
im probably gonna start running Dunlop slicks next year honestly.
I haven't run dunlops yet, only the pirillis and the michelins

I am thinking about switching to bridgestones.. you can get DOT's for a good price with them, and I hear they are good tires.

Buy T2 tire warmers... $319 shipped, fully digital and the guy races wera, he is a good guy and if you have any issues he will help you fix them

tenn2cycles.com i think
ill check them out thanks^
im even thinking of buying some 16.5" Marchesini wheels (money permitting)

ill be switching to some Ohlins fork internals as well over the winter.
i also want to do a low mount exhaust like the R6, im still running the stock muffler, w/ a modified header to eliminate the cat and exhaust valve.

my bank account is definitely hurting tho, lol.
super f-ing SICK!!!! i love the RR's,very clean. nicely done .
Looks great! I've actually been looking to add the new cbr to my collection.
i recommend it, tho i wouldnt mind having a 06+ R6 too, just so i can have the 2 baddest middleweights on the planet in my garage.
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