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Plastic rash

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How do I fix it? Some kind of a paint pen? They sell some on ColorRite.com but i'm not sure if they are for paint on metal only and if it would look better painted by a beginner than it does now.

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Its hardly noticeable, but i would use a brush & matching paint.Then maybe color sand with 3200 or finer grade sandpaper.Then maybe buff it & polish the whole piece to blend it in as much as possible.
hmm.. thanks

you think the paint pen is a bad idea?
The pen will lay a very thin, narrow film of paint.It wont be very uniform.At least the pens that ive used.You can try it if you want, but you'll sand most of it away.Unless you plan on just touching up without sanding.
I think i'm gonna have to take it to a shop if I have to do actual painting and sanding =/
It'll probably cost you as much as new pieces.
id say try waxing it a couple times
try buffing it , or magic marker will do the job.
yeah i think i'll just use a marker. Too costly otherwise.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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