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blueloulou said:
looks like some poser pic's, not having the balls to go up to any of the girls and snap a photo of them or with them, instead your taking shots with a zoom lense at 20+ft..

shame on you....
hmmm...poser pix? the camera is a canon s400. So no perve lenses here man. And If it wasnt a bikini contest which it was and had a barrier. Id problably be taking some shots with the girls if I wanted to.
Dude whats with the put down? the "PORN...its cheaper than dating" comment got you or what? wasssssup???

Dave... 20+ bikes met up @ VCR around 10:30am and we all took Muholland to PCH. It was fun, 1st time I went canyon riding. Def gonna head out again.

JL... the batteries died when the topless began...SUCKS!!! Although non of the girls on the pix went topless, it was the girls after that. And by then, I already got all the hotties.

:cheers :cheers
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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