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Somy 2003 R6 is having some issues.

I little while back While in traffic the bike all of a sudden stalled when I came to a stop. So I tried starting it and the only way it would start is if I gave it a little throttle and then held the throttle open or it would stall. A mile or or so up the highway I pulled off and the drive mentioned I have flames coming out of my exhaust. So I took it straight to the shop left it over night they looked at it and found nothing to be wrong with it.

Took her home felt great!!

a couple days later sort of the same issues except it wasnt stalling it would just dip down way below 500 rpm at idle/stop and felt a little sluggish of the line so I took her in again changed plugs and airfilter. Picked her up took her home still same issue.

Yesterday we for a long ride and about half way to our 40mile run at every stop it would stall and had 2ft flames coming out of the exhaust. To start it I had to again hold the throttle open and hold it open. once it was running it was fine lots of power responded great but with a down shifted or let off the throttle the backfire was loud and some flame.

Does anyone have any advice?
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