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I found an interesting forum post floating around a Honda CBR forum and figured others might be interested in this.

"While running race weekend #1 of 2004 at Road America, for the first time, I used my new Shoei RF-1000 helmet. I have always been a Shoei guy, and have many different shields from my old RF-800 helmets. Once I got the 1000, I looked and the visors looked identical, so I didn't bother trying to see if it would fit or not. I mean, after all, why would Shoei bother to make a whole completely new shield for this helmet?!?

About 20 minutes before running my Team Challenge event, I went to swap out shields and quickly found that the RF-800 smoke screen that I have would NOT fit on the RF-1000. This was not good since it was quite bright outside (despite being quite chilly).

I explained my situation to my team-mates, Matt Drucker and Anthony Connor who pointed out that they were both using Polar-Optics lenses on their windscreens. Then, like a sign from God, Paul Vondrak, the owner of Polar-Optics walked up.

I introduced myself and we walked over to his SUV while I explained my situation to him. He gave me a quick run-down on the lenses and showed me his smoke screen as well as his amber screen. Initially I was thinking I would want the smoke screen, but after looking through them both, the clarity of the amber screen was absolutely unbelievable.

I chose the amber and Paul went to installing it.

The install process is relatively simple. Clean the existing visor using the supplied cleansing wipes. Shoei is a screen which needs particular attention as they are coated quite heavily to keep bugs and gunk off. From there, he installed a strip of custom developed 3M hook & loop across the top and sides of the windscreen. Normally this should cure overnight before riding, but lacking the time we went with it immediately. Now, if you think this is just plain ole velcro, it's not. Polar Optics tried numerous brands of hook/loop fasteners, but they would not hold up to the extreme wind forces produced by motorcycle racing. The fastening system with this windscreen is an honest to goodness custom design.

Within minutes of installing, I was out on the 170hp GSXR-1000, running at one of the fastest tracks in the country. The Polar-Optics lens held its place perfectly! To give you some idea as to what this lens goes through, the speeds on a 1000cc bike at Road A are above 170 mph. The forces are so harsh and high that a helmet will smash into your face until you can't breathe. It will leave marks across your lips and chin from the chin bar pressing. 3 days later, my neck was STILL sore from the massive forces of the wind trying to rip my head off. This lens will truly stand the test of anything you can offer it.

So, what makes the Polar-Optics lens something so special? Why don't you just go buy a new windscreen? Well, the Polar-Optics lens provides an unparalleled clarity, it is removable, it blocks out 99.8% (minimum) of the UV rays, it blocks out nearly all glare. A normal windscreen simply cannot do this.

Regardless of how dark a windscreen is, if you don't block out the UV rays, and white/blue light, your eyes will get fatigued and you will not see as well as you could and should.

If you've ever had sore, burning eyes after a ride, gotten headaches, tried to wear sunglasses under your helmet, or immediately popped on a pair of sunglasses after pulling off your helmet, this lens will benefit you!

Since originally installing this shield in April, 2004, I have been using it every weekend and still love it. I've put it through a LOT, including some very violent crashes where it was ripped off. It's still in use today, and holding up strong. Definitely one hell of a product...

Where can you get yours?


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