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Problem starting R1...

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I cant post on the R1 forums and i dont know why i had just made the name and all, newho, bought an 04 r1 today at the auction its wrecked and needs work before its rideable, the bike is cranking but not firing up, i dont have the guage cluster the tech at the yamaha dealer told me theres a tip over switch in the guage cluster and without it there it wont let the bike fire up is this true? if so i need to buy a new tach but i dont know where to start so can soemoen verify for me if i need a new cluster or should the bike start without one?
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I don't believe the tip over sensor is in the gauge cluster. There is something else going on. It should start and run fine without the cluster.
The yamaha tech told me there was an angle sensor in the guage cluster and without the cluster being there it would cause it not to start which made sense but i dont know if thats it or not, when i turn the key i cant hear the pump priming and he said the angle sensor wont let it prime so i dont know to belive him or what to do...
I think you need the cluster I remember not being able to start my 02 but find a manual online and find out where the lean angle sensor is, also make sure to bypass the kickstand sensor and make sure the wires going to the clutch are good.
Where can i find a manual online? I dont know why its not letting me post or do anything on the R1 forum maybe because i just registered but im not sure, its wanting to crank and fire up but its like its not getting fuel or something like kickin it from starting, ive tried with the kick stand up down all kinda ways can someone help me find the manual for an 04 r1 online? please and thanks in advance!

Found a manual but cant find anything about the lean angle sensor any ideas guys?
do a google search for 2004 service manual thats how i got mine for my gixxer and r6
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