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Alpinestarts One Piece Venom Leather Suit in Blue.

What is it and what do you use it for?
Used for the track and for hard riding in the canyons. Full leathers will protect you a lot better than just a jacket and jeans. And full leather or top and bottom leathers are required for the track (or textile suits or textile jacket and pants).

How much and where?
I paid less than retail price because I bought it from Hammy the Can Man. www.hammythecanman.com Hammy is also a member of the forum, so if you PM him, he'll be able to hook you up with a decent price.

Fit, finish, etc.:
The suit fits a lot tighter and snugger than just a jacket and pants, so if you plan on getting one, you'll probably have to get used to it. If you already wear suits, this one fits like most other alpinestars suits (like the TZ-1). If you get one that's the same size as your alpinestars jacket, it should fit alright. Just be aware that the suit will fit much tighter than your jacket of the same size.

The suit has thick leather all around with the exception of in between the legs and underside of your arm to allow flexibility and freedom of movement (the black colored parts on the suit on the inside). There's kevlar panels and standard dual density foam armor in the arms, shoulders, knees, etc. There's a small aerodynamic hump on the back and standard alpinestars knee sliders (which slide pretty well and provide good feedback by the way). There's also some cushion filled areas on the front, but those are soley for aesthetic purposes only. The suit was designed by Troy Lee Designs -- they also design some helmets for shoei. The suit is also lined with a mesh liner that's removable for washing. The suit is a standard fit closing up just below your neck and at your wrists and ankles.

The suit fits my body type like a glove. I'm of medium build with broader shoulders than most guys my height, which makes it a little tighter in the shoulder area. I have a flat stomach as well, which makes the suit easier to zip up. Once it's zipped up, the suit doesn't have much give, so it seems like it won't fold over your skin in the event of a slide. It'll seem a little too tight at first, but will break in after a few rides at the canyons or on the track.

- Fits well in the chest, legs, and arms area.
- Removable liner for washing.
- Looks good.
- High quality leather.
- Stretch panels for comfortable fitting.
- Kevlar panels.
- A-star kneesliders: slide well and provide good feedback.

- Tight in the shoulders (might just be me), but it'll be hard to wave your hand over your head.
- The alpinestars zipper - after a long period of use, the zipper clamp will open up and the zipper handle will fall off. Happens with alpinestars jackets as well. If they get rid of that, I'll be much happier.

I'd give it a 9 out of 10. If they added a sturdier zipper handle and a longer aerodynamic hump, I'd give it a 10. Many thanks to Hammy for getting it to me quick and for a great price too.
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