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Product Review:

Gilles Rearsets (2004 R6) in Titanium finish.

What is it and what do you use it for?
Rearsets are the silver assemblies where your footpegs, shifter, and rear brake pedal are located. Aftermarket rearsets allow you to have higher ground clearance with your footpegs, adjust your footpeg/brake/shifter positions, etc.

How much and where?
You can buy them from various places online. McCoys sell them for about 400, but I ended up buying them from the local Motorcycle shop dealer. It was a little more expensive, but the cost of shipping would have evened it out. Plus the cost of installation would have been cheaper buying it from the local Motorcycle shop (Mach 1 in Costa Mesa).

I had the motorcycle shop take care of it, so I'm not sure how difficult it is. Took them about a half hour.

The rearsets are made of titanium with a carbon fiber heel guard for the left side only. It also comes with a shifter rod to replace the stock one. The whole thing is machined and looks high quality. Made from aluminum and is pretty lightweight.

The Gilles will allow you to configure reverse pattern GP shifting so first gear is one up, and second, third, fourth, fifth, and six are all down. I stuck with the regular shift pattern of one down, and five up.

Riding around with it the footpegs are shorter than the stock ones, but they provide a lot of grip so your foot won't slip off (unlike the stock footpegs). By the way, does anybody know why one stock footpeg is longer than the other? I noticed that on all 04 r6's...

The rear brake pedal is made to grip so your foot can grip it without any problems. It comes adjusted a little too high because if my foot is anywhere near it, I'll hit the rear brake -- might have to lower it to prevent inadverant rear braking.

The shifter is smoothed out to allow you to slip your foot under it with ease. It's a damn good concept, and it helps with my shifting a lot. I can feel the shifter much better and shift much smoother. That and the CRG levers were a great combo.

The heelguard on the rearsets is made from carbon fiber and is pretty thick and sturdy. But there's only one heel guard, and it's on the left rearset (left as you sit on it). That's my biggest problem with the rearsets because on deep lean turns to the right, I press the inside of my arch onto the heelguard on the right side. Now if I try to do that my heel will slip onto the rear brake cable and swingarm. I've had to adjust my riding position because of it.

- High quality machined alumnium.
- Smoothed out shifter lever.
- Phenomenal grip on the footpegs and rear brake pedal.
- Looks great.
- Lightweight.

- No heel guard on the right side. (this is big for me because it's made me alter my foot position on turns...
- Rear brake pedal a little too high up for me.

Great product, but they really need to put a damn heel guard on the right side.

8 out of 10. I'd give it a 9 if they put a damn heelguard on the right side.

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Ed said:
<snip> Can anybody tell me why they put a heel guard on the left side, but they don't put a heel guard on the right side?
Probably because there isn't a chain to get your foot caught in.

Which is REALLY ugly if you've ever seen someone get their foot run through the rear sprocket after getting caught in the chain.
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