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Product Review:

Targa Rear Seat Cowl (2004 R6: Deep Purplish Metallic Blue (DPMB))

What the hell is it?
The Targa seat cowl replaces your rear passenger seat. It makes the tail of your bike look like it's all one piece. It's not raised like the rear seat, so it makes the tail look very sharp and narrow. It's not a seat. TARGA is the brand of this particular seat cowl that I bought.

How much and where?
I bought the seat cowl for about 200 bucks, American, and I bought it direct from TARGA (800 521-7945). They ship via UPS, and it took less than a day for me to get it, but that's because TARGA is located in the neighborhood next to me (driving distance).

What the hell does it look like?
I don't have pictures because I don't have a digital camera. But it fits into the tail perfectly and all the shapes match up. It's a big piece of plastic/ceramic that's painted DPMB to match the bike. The color match is damn near perfect. The underside of the seat cowl (the side facing the inside of the trunk) is not painted any color. It's black. The seat cowl comes with two pieces of metal, a few screws, washers, and a rubber spacer. The instructions on how to install it are sell explanatory. You can use the tools that came with the bike to install it all. You install these pieces on the underside of the seat cowl. This stuff is necessary to lock it onto the bike. The seat cowl also comes with small self-adhesive cushions to put on the tail to prevent the targa seat cowl from scraping the tail (not that you could see it anyway if it did). The seat cowl also comes with a small self-adhesive pad that you can put on the front of the seat cowl in case you ride far back in your seat and want some sort of padding from the seat cowl to your back. That part is optional -- I didn't put it on.

-Color: The color match is amazing. 99%. I looked at it for a good couple of minutes, and I really can't tell the difference. If I didn't buy it myself, and if it didn't have a targa sticker on the side, I would probably think it was made by Yamaha.
-Fit: It fits in with the rest of the bike and follows the bike's shape perfectly.
-Looks: Related to the first two pros, the targa seat cowl looks damn sharp.

-Price: The Yamaha seat cowl isn't that expensive, but then again, I hear the Yamaha one isn't a perfect color match. So you get what you pay for.
-It looks fragile. I'm not sure what it's made of, but it looks like if you drop it, it'll break like a ceramic tile.
-No helmet locking capability: If you like locking your helmet to the rear seat when you're parked, you can't do it anymore with the targa seat cowl.
-Underside of the seat cowl: The underside of the seat cowl doesn't look as well put together as the top. I guess it's the paint job, but I was kinda hoping for a quality product all around. It's no big deal since the underside of the seat cowl will never be seen, but it's still a negative for me.
-Taking the seat cowl off. Holy shit, this was a bitch and a half. I was afraid of breaking it, but it's not easy to take off. This is something you'll have to get used to...
-The optional cushion pad. It's a self-adhesive cushion that's kinda cheap looking if you ask me. I didn't put it on because it didn't look good, and it didn't seem like it would provide any cusion anyway.

Conclusion: It's a good product if the cons don't bother you too much. I'd buy it again, but if there's another product out on the market besides the Yamaha one, I'd probably want to get it if it was easier to take off and had the same color match as the targa one. I'll give this sonuvabitch a 7.0 out of 10.
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