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putting a chain together with no rivet tool

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can it be done? or at least a temporary way to do, to get it to the dealer? thanks in advanced:cool:
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you could use a clip masterlink but i'd just get me a rivet tool
Get the tool, you will feel much better having a rivet.... T
I don't want to use a master link so i guess its time for a rivet tool.
When you revit it together make sure the head mushrooms over the link a little to hold firm..
u could use a punch and a hammer

or got this from a guy on another forum

Why buy an expensive ass chain tool when all you need is a small piece of sheet metal and a pitman arm tool to press the rivet down!? Done it a thousand times never had one go bad. The pitman arm puller is $8 dollars at autozone. Place the steel along the tabs in the puller to make a good backing and press that shit down! P.S. Notice the nice little pin in the center of the bolt presses the rivet perfectly!


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+2 on sledge hammer and a punch.

Put one behind the sprocket to steady it, and use the punch and another heavy hammer to mushroom the rivit.
I don't want to use a master link so i guess its time for a rivet tool.
Good plan. The chain is definately something I wouldnt want to jimmy rig.
i myself use a rivet/chain breaker tool. makes changing chains a breeze
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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