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Recently my 2005 R6 started starting weakly, then the next day it wouldn't start at all and I'd have to push start it. The bike would just make a buzz noise. Then it threw code 46, which I understand is most often a bad rectifier.

I got under the bike today and pulled the plug off the rectifier and sure enough, this is what I found.

So my questions are, do I just buy a new plug and splice it into the harness? It looks like it goes straight into the main bundle of wires.


Do I need to buy a whole new rectifier as well?

EDIT: Looks like I can't just buy a new plug, but I can buy spade connectors and plug them straight onto the rectifier? Like in this: http://www.r6messagenet.com/forums/r6-how-guides/27368-how-fix-rectifier-plug.html


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