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coming from the straight away from turn 15...how fast are you entering turn 1 at?
Where the flagger towers at thats when i decelerate, to hit the apex @ around 90mph(noob slow).
and how hot are you coming in at turn 5 the cyclone?
i litteraly go around 35 or a little higher during that turn then gunning it till 9.
and last but not least...
how fast are you entering turn 14 at?
Last year i was a C group rider, and i've been progressively getting faster that i've been passing up most of the C group riders, now im jumping in the B's on monday, just hoping to get a little info, to build my confidence up.
Thanks a lot agian for the info.:popcorn:

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t1 i hit around 100 mph or so if i do it right, i haven't focused much on that turn yet actually. going to work on that turn next time i get there

coming into turn 5 im hard on the gas the moment i hit hte apex is t4 and i pin it all the way until right before the #3 brake marker where i downshift to 2nd, while braking, turn in very late and get on the gas before cresting the hill if you look across the track you can see a green building, aim for that and the moment you see it look out towards the small/short straight before t6.. tight inside line through 5A and short shift before 6 and go into t6. im not sure how fast im going into t5, by the time i am coming up i'm in body position and can't see the mph really.

t14 is an AWESOME turn to trail brake into. its a very late apex turn, extremly late apex. its a hard turn to get ok with taking fast. stick your neck WAY out to the right and look incredably far and it won't seem like you are going very fast. not sure how many MPH im taking into it... but i know i down shift to 3rd from (barely) 5th down the back straight. i TRY to pin it all the way until i go under the bridge, but i usually puss out and back off but not close the throttle befoer then. by the time im exiting 14 and standing the bike slightly up before 15 im at 11 or 12 k before hitting t15 apex and pinning the throttle.

p.s. take my text with a grain of salt i've only done a few track days.
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