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do to my old 1985 gear.... I think its time to update my set and get some new stuff... before I go off and buy these I was wondering if a rider (a real one not some guy form Illinois named bill camble) has any feed back on these products..

I may get them in 5 months or so once I pay off the parts I ordered U_U..

just seeing if anyone has some feed back.. (im looking for very good airflow and safety.. l color I can use pleather paint/dye to change black to white if needed.. and I’ll gut the brand off)

Joe Rocket Super Street Boots

Shift Redline Leather Pants

KBC VR-2 Full Face Helmet

Alpinestars S-MX Air-Flo Jacket

and these.. idk.. im still looking... I read most of my bike threw the vibes and feel.. I don’t like wearing gloves.. but I can try.. if you know some good ones let me know
Icon Long Timax TRX Gloves
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