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Questions on checking steering head

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Has anyone checked their steering head for looseness? (2003 R6 600 mile service)

Any suggestions on how to lift the front end?

The repair manual just says "place the motorcycle on a suitable stand so that the front wheel is elevated."

Would it be o.k. to use a triple tree stand, or must it be completely free of tension? I was thinking I could put a cable through the frame (padded of course) and hang it from a lift arm (automobile lift) with the rear on a stand (spool). I have seen stands that go through the frame, but I'd rather not buy one if I don't have to.

Has anyone found any looseness and adjusted it?

Has anyone heard any rattling from the front and was it the steering head?
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Put the bike on a rear wheel stand. Remove the lowers. Have a friend steady the bike. Place floor jack under the front part of the header, and lift.
Thanks! I thought I heard that somewhere, but I wasn't sure and I didn't want to damage anything. :mrgreen:
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