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contacted danos performance for it, they make a kit that connects to the flashed ecu, even though it looks super simple, just one wire. but theirs are set to NO, and im sure this is common knowledge but the lower reverse thread portion of the rod is either a 6mm or 8mm, i dont know if its random or year specific or just applies to aftermarket rear sets of what.
What rearsets do you have? Sato, Rizoma and some others use 6mm on the shifter end of the shift rod.

Vortex, and OEM rearsets use 8mm on the bottom end and 6 on the top..

And depending on what you have, you will need to determine push vs pull as well. For example, Woodcraft rearsets use pull regardless of GP or STD shift since the rod is always pulled the same direction of upshifts due to the design of the rearsets...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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